The Taboo of Talking About Death & Spirit

Bring up the topic of death in any social gathering and you are bound to get a wide array of looks and responses. Many people are afraid and uncomfortable about talking about death, dying, and the spirit realm. While we no longer live in an era where those that see spirits can communicate with the dead can be hung by a noose in a town hall, we still as a society have a long way to go from being open to accepting what reason cannot explain.

in memory

Grief and loss are one of those weird exceptions and yet not fully.  I remember sharing a table for breakfast one day with another couple. We somehow got on the topic of caring for a loved one and then sadly losing them. Pam had lost a parent too and understand my pain. We talked about the struggles and rewards of being there during those last moments. She shyly mentioned that her mom could see her family members at her bedside and that comforted her because she knew she was going to be escorted up to heaven. She asked me if I believed that when people are dying they can see spirits. I agreed and added that seeing spirits was not something my mom did when she was dying, but something she could do her entire life. It was normal for me to see my mom talking to a dead friend or relative. The conversation with Pam immediately ended. She was so uncomfortable with my response, didn’t know what to say, that she finally made an excuse to get up and leave. I sat there for a few minutes contemplating what had just happened. Would I had said anything different if I could re-do that encounter? No. I’m not afraid to speak my truth. If Pam was not emotionally ready to accept that spirit are always around us guiding and sending us their love, then that’s on her. Death is a normal process in the cycle of life.


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