Night with Spirits and James Van Praagh

After taking the Mediumship Certification Level 1 class with James online, I wanted to see him live. I jumped on the idea of going to his event in October 2018 at Del Coronado, known simply as The Del.

I opted for the VIP tickets since it came with additional perks: preferred seating during the main event, a tour of haunted areas of the hotel, a seance, and some appetizers.


James brought forth several spirits. It was amusing to see him doing what looked like playing telephone with the spirit world. The deceased had messages for their loved ones, which they told him and then he would relay to the person and the audience. While I wasn’t one of the chosen few, I felt that the people picked had some really important messages that they needed to hear that night in order to move forward in their lives. Things happen for a reason.

The weather contributed to a creepy night. It rarely rains in San Diego. It didn’t just rain, it poured! I had never visited the Del before and it was a treat to just walk around and get a feel of the atmosphere. You can just imagine how it was during the Victorian times to be a guest there. You can feel the history in that place. The spirit energy is palpable. I found the antique elevator in the lobby particularly creepy. Of course, the Del is also known for its rich history and it has its share of guests that never checked out.

Meeting James was my personal favorite for me. After listening to his voice speak to me online in my online classes, meeting him in person was awesome. Such a nice person. Not all celebrities are as down to earth.





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