Medicine Wheel with Linda Held

East West Bookstore in Mountain View has turned into one my biggest hangouts these days. I decided last minute to sign-up for Linda Held’s workshop. The focus of the class was the medicine wheel and teachings us what the four regions represent. She had images that corresponded to each section of the wheel. It was interesting to listen to how her experience in Mount Shasta has influenced her work as a shaman. I’ve heard great things about that area. I need to visit it one day.


Linda held a journey for us. I’ve done meditations before, but the energy of the journey was different. She asked us to close our eyes and become comfortable. I could feel a change in the room. I was blessed to have met one of my spirit animals that day. It was unexpected and full of love and support. I brought my native drum with me to class and Linda was gracious enough to bless it for me and let me drum with her.

Spirit often guides us to different opportunities for a reason. Had a not taken a chance and taken Linda’s class, I would have not had the beautiful experience that I had. Definitely, an evening to remember. Now I look forward to my next shamanic learning experience.

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