I Can Hear You

One of the hardest things about having spiritual gifts is figuring out how they work. They don’t come with an instruction manual and everyone’s experience is different. Even my mom’s abilities were greatly different than mine. Two people with the same clair (clear) ability can receive the information better if they do one thing versus another. I’ve accepted that figuring things out is part of the growth process. I’m so used to traditional methods of learning, but spiritual growth doesn’t follow those norms.

Any bilingual Mediums out there?

What happens when I receive information from spirit is that they use all my knowledge and experiences and use that to help me understand the message that I need to convey. When a person passes away, the language they spoke in life no longer becomes a barrier for communication because the person can use my knowledge to give the message. So even though I don’t speak Mandarin, I can understand what’s being said and see that this person spoke a different language in life.

What I didn’t know was that some spirits choose to communicate with me solely in English or in Spanish. The first time I heard a message in English, it blew my mind. I’ve since discovered that sometimes choosing to communicate with me in English versus Spanish serves a purpose. It helps me to better identify who I’m talking to. My monolingual medium friends only receive information in the one language they speak, so many times they are not even aware that spirit can communicate in more than one language if the person receiving the information is bilingual.

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