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Book Review: I Am The Word by Paul Selig

I first heard about Paul from the event listings at my local Metaphysical store. It said he was a channel and that he channeled his spirit guide. Some of my family members had this ability, but I hadn’t seen anyone since channel spirit and especially do it publicly. I signed up for Paul’s book signing event for his newest book, which I believe is #7, but I had not read any of his books, so I went back and bought #1 called: I Am the Word.

I prefer to read Kindle versions these days. I tend to read multiple books at one time and it’s just easier for me to have them all in one place. I also like the integrated highlighting and dictionary features that Kindle provides.

When I started reading Word I Am Word, I had a hard time staying focused on it. It was so religious in nature. It reminded me of the years I spent in Religion class at school. It was almost if I had a block that was not allowing me to just receive what the pages were telling me. The form of writing was interesting. Paul is the one dictating what his guides are saying through him. There’s also another person present during the writing, which the guides address as Victoria. The guides take into account Victoria’s questions to what they are saying (the lessons), as well as the questions that Paul has in the background. It was interesting to hear them say that they needed to stop and address Paul’s issues before moving on. They weren’t just narrating the information, they were making sure it was sinking in for Paul, correcting anything that wasn’t as they call “in alignment with the Christ” in Paul.

Paul’s spirit guides say that anyone who reads the text will be transformed and that they have integrated into the words of the text a frequency that helps you become aligned to the Source and attuned. When I first read that, I thought, that’s nice, but can it really change me. I have to say that after reading the first few chapters, I was a believer. I started to feel pressure first on my heart chakra and then later on my third eye, as well.

The readings are profound in knowledge and understanding of what the world is doing to itself and how to find within ourselves the Christ-like energy that exists and allow it to come forward into the world.

I’m not sure which one of Paul’s books to read next. I’m curious about the latest book, but maybe #2 is the right choice.

Have you read this book? If so, what did you think? Let me know in the comments.

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Crystal Cards

I’ve been focused on angels and crystals lately. I found this wonderful online tool and I am happy to share it with you. It has been created by Healing Crystals. They came up with a way to help select a crystal that can help guide you on your day or problem. Of course, you can still do it the traditional way of picking a crystal based on its energy and then take it along with you in your pocket for the day.

Simply click on the image and it will open up to show you the crystal you need to work with and a message.


New Orleans the Historical and Spiritual Side


I was so excited to finally visit New Orleans (NOLA). It had been on my bucket list for quite some time. I tend to be drawn, not surprisingly, to locations that have a lot of spiritual energy. New Orleans is definitely rich in diversity, history, and has no shortage of spirits. NOLA to me also represents the city of Voodoo, so I was eager to see and learn first-hand what the spiritual realm had to offer. We decided to take a cruise from New Orleans and allow additional time on both ends to do some exploring.

I stayed at Hotel Dauphine which proved to be in centrally located in the French Quarter without being too close to nightly noise. Of course, this also depended on what room you chose and what side of the building you were facing.


The energy in New Orleans I can best describe as thick. There have been so many deaths there and most were untimely and unexpected. Not all earthbound spirits are stuck in this realm, as some belief. Even in death, we have free will. The feeling I got was that many of the spirits in town wanted to be there. They enjoyed the lives they had there and wanted to continue to be a part of the daily city bustle.

I did a Voodoo walking tour that was, unfortunately, a waste of time and money. Our monotone guide was very boring and didn’t seem to the spirit realm to be as fascinating as I do. I ended up leaving the tour before it had finished. The weather was incredibly hot and humid. Avoid the month of August, as I was told it is the worst time of the year to visit the city.


I did go shopping at Voodoo Authentica and at Hex. Voodoo Authentica as the name implies, focused on the Orishas (African Spirits). They sold gris-gris bags for a variety of purposes and had altars set-up to honor the spirits. I bought a custom gris-gris bag made by a Charlie, a practicing Voodoo Priest. Super cool! The minute he handed the gris-gris bag to me I felt a strong current of energy transfer from him to me. That’s how I know he’s legit!


Hex was more focused on Wicka and Hoodoo practices with more options on candles, herbs, and spell magic. It was a very small store, so if you don’t like small spaces, you might want to visit at times where they are not full of shoppers. I did find some books there that I hadn’t seen in other places. I’ve learned to buy things when I see them because I never know if I will see it again later in the trip.

IMG_3450.JPGI had a tea leaf and card reading at the Bottom of the Cup with Otis. Really nice guy. A very seasoned reader and psychic. The price included a CD recording of the reading and a deck of their anniversary tarot cards. Apparently, the Bottom of the Cup has been in business for 90+ years. Kudos to them!

The food in New Orleans was amazing, but you probably already guessed that. We had beignets from Cafe DuMont, ate many different takes on Gumbo, and of course, the fresh seafood is unmatched. I did take a Cooking Class at the New Orleans Cooking School, which also didn’t meet my expectations.


The chef talked way too much about his grandma, which admittedly sounded like quite the character, but he didn’t do enough cooking. In the end, he was in a hurry and over time so we were rushed through eating the last two dishes. Eating for me is an event, no a race.


If you are thinking of visiting New Orleans (NOLA) and have an interested in the spiritual realm, here are some suggestions:

  1. Read the book Spirits of New Orleans by Kala Ann before you arrive.
  2. Book a pedal taxi. To stop one you just scream at one as he passes by. Have him take you to the various places mentioned in the book. Not all pedal taxis are equally knowledgeable about the “haunted” history of NOLA, so you will want to be prepared.  Fares vary by the person and time of the day.
  3. For your spiritual shopping needs, visit Hex first. They will give you a promotional cardboard flyer with all the spiritual shops in town listed on the back. All the shops are on a map and numbered. Can’t go wrong with that!
  4. Visit with an open mind! Assume you know nothing about Voodoo and allow the locals to show you their history, not the televised versions you think you know.
  5. Relax and have fun. No need to walk around with a clove of garlic around your neck. Create spiritual boundaries for yourself and you will be fine.

Grief and Loss

Grief occurs when you lose someone or something significant in your life. It’s not limited to losing a friend or family member, as a person can also grieve the loss of a house, job, or a beloved pet. Grief takes a long time to overcome and that’s okay. Sometimes you feel you are okay and then you go somewhere and it triggers a memory, a scent, an expression and boom you’re back to feeling like the world is in black and white.

For me thinking about how I was going to get through the next month, or the next year was overwhelming. Something my father-in-law said to me was “take one day at a time”. It’s okay to be sad and it’s okay to allow yourself to be happy. Being happy doesn’t mean you’ve forgotten or moved on. It’s what our loved ones in Heaven would want us to do. It’s finding and accepting that happiness that’s hard.

As with anything challenging in life, it’s important to admit that we are in a difficult emotional place and taking small baby steps forward. Daily Meditations for Working Through Grief by Martha Whitmore Hickman provides small daily reflections. There’s no judgment in these meditations, just some words of wisdom to get you through the day.