Grief and Loss

Grief occurs when you lose someone or something significant in your life. It’s not limited to losing a friend or family member, as a person can also grieve the loss of a house, job, or a beloved pet. Grief takes a long time to overcome and that’s okay. Sometimes you feel you are okay and then you go somewhere and it triggers a memory, a scent, an expression and boom you’re back to feeling like the world is in black and white.

For me thinking about how I was going to get through the next month, or the next year was overwhelming. Something my father-in-law said to me was “take one day at a time”. It’s okay to be sad and it’s okay to allow yourself to be happy. Being happy doesn’t mean you’ve forgotten or moved on. It’s what our loved ones in Heaven would want us to do. It’s finding and accepting that happiness that’s hard.

As with anything challenging in life, it’s important to admit that we are in a difficult emotional place and taking small baby steps forward. Daily Meditations for Working Through Grief by Martha Whitmore Hickman provides small daily reflections. There’s no judgment in these meditations, just some words of wisdom to get you through the day.


The Taboo of Talking About Death & Spirit

Bring up the topic of death in any social gathering and you are bound to get a wide array of looks and responses. Many people are afraid and uncomfortable about talking about death, dying, and the spirit realm. While we no longer live in an era where those that see spirits can communicate with the dead can be hung by a noose in a town hall, we still as a society have a long way to go from being open to accepting what reason cannot explain.

in memory

Grief and loss are one of those weird exceptions and yet not fully.  I remember sharing a table for breakfast one day with another couple. We somehow got on the topic of caring for a loved one and then sadly losing them. Pam had lost a parent too and understand my pain. We talked about the struggles and rewards of being there during those last moments. She shyly mentioned that her mom could see her family members at her bedside and that comforted her because she knew she was going to be escorted up to heaven. She asked me if I believed that when people are dying they can see spirits. I agreed and added that seeing spirits was not something my mom did when she was dying, but something she could do her entire life. It was normal for me to see my mom talking to a dead friend or relative. The conversation with Pam immediately ended. She was so uncomfortable with my response, didn’t know what to say, that she finally made an excuse to get up and leave. I sat there for a few minutes contemplating what had just happened. Would I had said anything different if I could re-do that encounter? No. I’m not afraid to speak my truth. If Pam was not emotionally ready to accept that spirit are always around us guiding and sending us their love, then that’s on her. Death is a normal process in the cycle of life.


I Can Hear You

One of the hardest things about having spiritual gifts is figuring out how they work. They don’t come with an instruction manual and everyone’s experience is different. Even my mom’s abilities were greatly different than mine. Two people with the same clair (clear) ability can receive the information better if they do one thing versus another. I’ve accepted that figuring things out is part of the growth process. I’m so used to traditional methods of learning, but spiritual growth doesn’t follow those norms.

Any bilingual Mediums out there?

What happens when I receive information from spirit is that they use all my knowledge and experiences and use that to help me understand the message that I need to convey. When a person passes away, the language they spoke in life no longer becomes a barrier for communication because the person can use my knowledge to give the message. So even though I don’t speak Mandarin, I can understand what’s being said and see that this person spoke a different language in life.

What I didn’t know was that some spirits choose to communicate with me solely in English or in Spanish. The first time I heard a message in English, it blew my mind. I’ve since discovered that sometimes choosing to communicate with me in English versus Spanish serves a purpose. It helps me to better identify who I’m talking to. My monolingual medium friends only receive information in the one language they speak, so many times they are not even aware that spirit can communicate in more than one language if the person receiving the information is bilingual.

Night with Spirits and James Van Praagh

After taking the Mediumship Certification Level 1 class with James online, I wanted to see him live. I jumped on the idea of going to his event in October 2018 at Del Coronado, known simply as The Del.

I opted for the VIP tickets since it came with additional perks: preferred seating during the main event, a tour of haunted areas of the hotel, a seance, and some appetizers.


James brought forth several spirits. It was amusing to see him doing what looked like playing telephone with the spirit world. The deceased had messages for their loved ones, which they told him and then he would relay to the person and the audience. While I wasn’t one of the chosen few, I felt that the people picked had some really important messages that they needed to hear that night in order to move forward in their lives. Things happen for a reason.

The weather contributed to a creepy night. It rarely rains in San Diego. It didn’t just rain, it poured! I had never visited the Del before and it was a treat to just walk around and get a feel of the atmosphere. You can just imagine how it was during the Victorian times to be a guest there. You can feel the history in that place. The spirit energy is palpable. I found the antique elevator in the lobby particularly creepy. Of course, the Del is also known for its rich history and it has its share of guests that never checked out.

Meeting James was my personal favorite for me. After listening to his voice speak to me online in my online classes, meeting him in person was awesome. Such a nice person. Not all celebrities are as down to earth.





Medicine Wheel with Linda Held

East West Bookstore in Mountain View has turned into one my biggest hangouts these days. I decided last minute to sign-up for Linda Held’s workshop. The focus of the class was the medicine wheel and teachings us what the four regions represent. She had images that corresponded to each section of the wheel. It was interesting to listen to how her experience in Mount Shasta has influenced her work as a shaman. I’ve heard great things about that area. I need to visit it one day.


Linda held a journey for us. I’ve done meditations before, but the energy of the journey was different. She asked us to close our eyes and become comfortable. I could feel a change in the room. I was blessed to have met one of my spirit animals that day. It was unexpected and full of love and support. I brought my native drum with me to class and Linda was gracious enough to bless it for me and let me drum with her.

Spirit often guides us to different opportunities for a reason. Had a not taken a chance and taken Linda’s class, I would have not had the beautiful experience that I had. Definitely, an evening to remember. Now I look forward to my next shamanic learning experience.